About the IPF

The IPF is an independent, nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to building a powerful network of corporate executives and top-level government leaders who will advance shared economic and geopolitical interests by mitigating risks of disruption and supporting a free, open and prosperous Indo-Pacific.



The IPF originated from the vision of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for a free and open Indo-Pacific. The late Prime Minister entrusted the realization of the IPF to his longtime friend and confidante, Dr. Kenneth R. Weinstein, former U.S. Ambassador-designate to Japan and former Hudson Institute CEO.

You can read Dr. Weinstein’s full biography here.


Our Mission

The IPF aims to enhance private and public sector cooperation and connectivity in the Indo-Pacific region by engaging and mobilizing global leaders to collaborate on strategy, construct partnerships, and shape inclusive, sustainable policies and concrete initiatives for the security, resilience, and prosperity of the region.


Creating Value Through Connectivity

The IPF convenes global corporate executives and top-government officials for impactful connectivity and idea generation to advance shared interests and drive real world outcomes in the Indo-Pacific by:

Facilitating Connectivity

Facilitating new relationships and creating deeper connectivity and cooperation amongst private sector and government leaders confronting shared challenges in the Indo-Pacific

Opening Doors

Opening doors to new actionable opportunities, catalyzing multilateral partnerships, alliances and investments

Delivering Insights

Delivering timely insights and advancing innovative strategies to protect shared economic and geopolitical interests in the region

Generating Dialogue

Generating ongoing dialogue to enhance economic resilience and security as well as  further policy collaboration

Enhancing Education

Educating global leaders on promoting a Free and Open Indo-Pacific

Strengthening Visibility

Strengthening visibility and credibility in the region for key stakeholders


Contact Us

The Indo-Pacific Forum

email: info@indopacificforum.org